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Residential Care & Treatment Services


“My goal is to give my daughter, Milani, the childhood that I never had.” — Hannah, pictured above with her daughter and mentor, Ron Howard, Allendale Staff

Allendale’s Residential Care & Treatment Services Program gives kids a safe, clinically sound and structured world in which to heal and grow. Here, they find security in consistent routines and empowerment to set their own goals while learning to form healthy relationships.

How We Help:

  • Round-the-clock treatment & care, provided in cottages at our Lake Villa, IL campus; our North Chicago; IL & Benet Lake, WI facilities.
  • Community group home living in Waukegan, IL.
  • Individualized treatment, implemented by multi-disciplinary teams led by youth and families.
  • Focus on graduation and vocational/career preparation, tailored to each youth’s interests and strengths.
  • Enriching, therapeutic recreational experiences…the opportunity to “just be a kid“—a new experience for all too many children.
  • Follow-up support and consultation upon return home.
  • Consistent family support via routine clinical consultations with trained and licensed therapeutic staff.

Read more about Hannah’s Story here!

How can I get more information about placement into Allendale’s Residential program? Contact our Intake Department at 847-245-6330 or email jgriffeth@allendale4kids.org.

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