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Art Instructor

Part – Time; 11hrs


Provides exposure and instruction in art education and methods to the special populations served.  Conducts educational art activities in group or individual settings and uses the medium of art in a therapeutic manner to enhance artistic skill, improve positive participation in a structured learning environment and increase social/emotional interpersonal skill development.  Provides art education for special education students by offering enrichment and high school classes at the Allendale main campus and satellite programs and in collaboration with the classroom teacher provides academic art credit as needed/appropriate.



  1. Bachelor’s Degree in Art, Special Education or related field
  2. Substitute Teaching License
  3. Knowledge of drawing, painting and clay
  4. Skill as an instructor of art education


  1. Appropriate credentials/certification to award art education credit in a school setting


  1. Through art education activities, helps to instill and improve technical skills and art appreciation in students. Provides art education and art education curriculum development adapted to students with primary learning, emotional and behavioral disabilities.
  2. Through a well-structured learning environment that promotes positive youth development creates opportunity for enrichment experiences utilizing the medium of art that will facilitate positive youth development including increased self-confidence and pride via creating art and improved group learning and cooperation skills via group class participation and project completion.
  3. Performs art assessments and evaluations of students and collaborates with teachers to assign grades.
  4. Encourages talented students by providing enrichment opportunity and advanced skill building and career guidance.  Provides art history and career opportunity resources as a way of continuing art as a vocational interest in the future.  Coordinates career exploration and interest development with the Career and Technical Education program staff.
  5. Prepares and maintains appropriate documentation, including lesson plans, attendance, grade records and individual student skill and progress evaluations or staffing report contribution when appropriate/requested.
  6. Participates in IEP (individualized educational plan) and treatment plan development and evaluation, as appropriate/requested, and provides relevant information.  Coordinates recommendations for art education for students who would benefit from group classes or individualized advanced instruction.
  7. Consults with the Occupational Therapy staff to work on individualized fine motor skill and sensory development through the manipulation of artistic media, as appropriate/requested.
  8. Consults with Speech/Language Therapy to advance individual and group skill development via the art education class experience, as appropriate/requested.
  9. Works to maintain professional and cooperative relationships with colleagues.   Participates as a member of school-improvement activities and committees based on interest.  Provides opportunities for display of art education product for special events, including but not limited to annual Graduation ceremony, annual Board of Directors meeting and other events as requested.
  10. Provides direction to TAs assigned to Art class throughout day and will provide feedback to teachers based on TA performance while under Art Instructor’s guidance.
  11. Maintains knowledge of current field trends; maintains membership in appropriate internal and external committees and professional organizations.  Attends appropriate training programs.
  12. Performs other duties as assigned.